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Rumi Awards 2019 Packages
Rumi Awards 2019 Packages


Product Code: REG101PACK

Social Media Promos

Facebook & Twitter:
Bio/Image Promo [Add $250.00]

Video Marketing:
1 Minute Promo [Add $150.00]
TV/Radio/Newspaper & Social Media

Per Minute Live Streaming:
After Initial 2 Free Min. [Add $100.00]

Press Release:
National Press Release [Add $450.00]
Media Production

Image/Video Projector Screen:
Projector Screen [Add $100.00]

Red Carpet Interview:
Up to 2 Minutes Interview [Add $200.00]

Short Documentary:
Short Film [Add $2,500.00]
Professionals to Hire

Backstage Assistant:
Backstage Assistant [Add $500.00]

Choreographer [Add $800.00]

Hair & Makeup Stylist:
Hair & Makeup Stylist [Add $100.00]

Photography [Add $500.00]

Limo Services:
Red Carpet Limo Services [Add $250.00]
International Services

Official Invitation Letter:
Invitation Letter [Add $250.00]

Description Extended Information
Rumi Awards 2019 Packages for:
2nd Annual International Fashion Awards 2019
3rd Annual World Miss/Mrs 2019/2020
4th Annual International Music Awards 2019
5th Annual International Media Awards 2019
  • Rumi Awards aims to reach over a million fans before the launch of Rumi Awards 2019 which will benefit those who purchase the packages.